Project: Application of Reflect-O-Site Delineator Posts to direct traffic into the right direction,

Products: Reflect-O-Site Delineator Posts

Location: Sandton, South Africa

Date: April 2016


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Reflect-O-Site’s Delineator Posts

Delineator posts save lives by properly directing traffic and reducing the chance of accidents. Our highly visible posts clearly delineate driving lanes with bright colors and reflective sheeting.

The clover-leaf design of the FG 300 tubular marker provides far better rebound than simple round tubes. The curving of the sides of the FG 300 tube changes the moment of inertia quick and sharp rebound after impact.

The FG 300 is offered in three grades:

 Model PE for general applications,

 Model UR, the industry workhorse, and

 Model EFX for your toughest installations.