Solar Road Studs

Reflctosite offers a range of different solar road studs.

Some of its features are:

 The round design creates good appearance while relieving the impact from traffic load so as to be durable.

 The combined size complies with the size of round post and saponaceous appearance. It can be installed at the top of round post at the cross and make the cross clear at night.

 Two re-inforced veins are designed inside to strengthen the compression resistance.

 Solar panels, electronics and optics are fitted inside the waterproof and unbreakable unit.

 According to requirements, the number of LED lights can be single light, double lights, and three lights, on one side or both sides.

 Two screw holes are designed on both sides to secure the unit to the road or round post.

 Poxy glue is fitted in the shell. Easy, simple, and steady to install like a normal road stud.

 Provides excellent, visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions.

 Net weight: 270 gr.