Reflect-O-Line Cold Plastic Road Marking Paint is an extremely hard wearing cold plastic paint that is ideal for high traffic areas such as transverse bar markings, box junctions and mini roundabouts.

Product Information


Reflect-O-Line can be applied with spraying equipment.


  • Low viscosity: 0.8mm
  • High viscosity: 1.5mm


  • 1.2 mm = 2.4kg / m2.
  • 3.0 mm = 6.0kg / m2.


Very good bond to most surfaces.

Curing time:

Average 30 minutes irrespective of the applied thickness.


The road marking paint consists of methyl methacrylate (MMA), filler and pigment.

Our cold plastic road marking paint requires glass beads.


The paint needs to be applied at temperatures of 15 degrees and higher.

Temperatures will affect the curing time.

Environmental Impact:

  • Solvent free.
  • Lead free.

Product Packaging:

The product is supplied in 26 kg containers, which is equivalent to approximately 18 L.

Storage requirements:

  • The road marking paint needs to be kept out of direct sunlight.
  • Product to be stored in a controlled environment.

Important Notes:

  • If the hardener is not added to the paint it will not react to the bpo powder.
  • It is in liquid form and a hardener must be added.

Product Features

Extremely durable:

Reflect-O-Line cold plastic road marking paint offers superior resistance to wear.


  • The paint consist of a pre-mixed sand which provides great skid resistance.
  • Better wet-night visibility due to agglomerate structure.
  • No heat or gas required for application.

Easy Application:

  • No sophistacated machinery is needed.
  • Can be applied with a drawbox, roller or brush.
  • We have a special roller available for even better results.

See application instructions below.

Excellent Reflectivity:

  • Pre-mixed glass beads provide retro-reflectivity as marking wears away, resulting in a longer lifespan.
  • Highest possible retro-reflective values.
  • Long term bead retention.


  • No need for expensive, sophisticated machinery.
  • Product does not require heat.
  • Less labour required during the application of the product.

Available in a range of colours:

Red, yellow, white, green and blue.

Reflect-O-Line Road Marking Paint | Reflectosite

Application Process:

Step 1: Use a broom to clean the area you want to paint thoroughly. All oil, dust and old Thermo-plastic road paint must be removed.

Step 2: Pour activator into the drum and mix well.

Step 3: Mix bpo powder into glass beads prior to application.

Step 4: Spray paint on road surface.

Step 5: Immediately sprinkle glass beads and bpo mix evenly on the wet paint, then repeat step 4 and 5 again.

Step 6: Allow paint to cure for approximately 10 minutes. Carefully remove masking-tape. Allow to cure for 30 minutes before opening to traffic.

Important Notes:

  • All oil, dust and old Thermo-plastic road paint must be removed before applying the paint.
  • Drying time is influenced by the road temperature and the amount of hardener added.

Application Video: