Road Marking Rope

Reflectosite Road Marking Rope is utilised in the road marking / painting process.


Pre-marking prior to road painting.


Allow for accurate road marking.

Technical properties:

  • Thickness : 9mm.
  • Length: 500m.
  • The Polyester Round Braid is made from 100% polyester high tenacity filament yarn.
  • It is manufactured in both a 16 braid and a 24 braid construction with a tightly braided outer cover over a centre core.

Surface Preparation before adhesion or application:

Ensure no obstructions as this will skew the rope.

Application process:

  • Ensure tension of rope is correct for accurate pre-markings.
  • Pull the rope between two vehicles. One vehicle will pull, while the other will tension.



Protection/Maintenance upon completion:

Ensure rope is rolled correctly for ease of re-use.


500m spool.

Handling & Storage:

Store in dry area.


Do not over tension as this can cause injury.