Glass Road Studs

A Reflect-O-Site glass road stud is a small reflective unit that is embedded into a road surface.


Our Glass road studs are designed for use on all major roads where a bright durable road/lane delineation product is required.


  • Full 360 retro reflectivity.
  • Low profile above road surface.
  • No maintenance or need to remove for resurfacing.
  • Highest Impact and compressive strength—ensuring retained reflectivity and durability, and suitable for high traffic areas.

Surface Preparation before adhesion or application:

The recess needs to be dust-free & dry, before installation of studs.

Technical Properties:

  • 100mm Diameter /45mm Height
  • 480g weight
  • Material : Tempered glass


Protection/Maintenance upon completion:

Replace unit if damaged.


20 per box

Application Process:

Glass road studs are installed into a circular recess cut into the surface. This recess can either be cut using a static drill rig or truck mounted miller equipment. The recess size is 110mm diameter & 25-28mm deep.
Glass road studs can be fixed to the tar using Reflectosite epoxy adhesive.

Dispense sufficient stud adhesive for the stud to be placed evenly. Install the road stud ensuring that the stud is level with the top of the surface, arrow is in direction of traffic flow and that adhesive has risen evenly around the edge of the stud. The road can be opened to traffic as soon as the adhesive has set. It is very important to observe the correct temperature parameters, especially when using polymer stud grout. Siglites should not be installed using stud grout if stud temperature is less than 10 degrees C.

It is also most important to install to correct height, as any misalignment may result in reduced reflectivity.

Curing subject to adhesive used and is typically between 5 & 30 minutes