Reflectosite epoxy adhesive is a two-component epoxy based adhesive.


Used to adhere road studs, speed bumps, surface mounted delineator poles and/or any other adhesion for road surface applications.


  • Long lasting
  • Easy to apply

Chemical Composition:

A-Component: Preparation based on Epoxy Resin, catalysts and rheology modifiers

B-Component: Preparation containing tertiary amines (hardener)

  Unit A-Comp B-Comp
Viscosity (25 °C) mPa∙s Semi Thixotropic Semi Thixotropic



  • The A Component (Epoxy) must be homogenised by basic stirring before processing.
  • Mix thoroughly with a spatula prior to use.
  • Component A and B need to be mixed thoroughly until the colour has completely changed.
  Unit Value
Mixing ratio Parts by weight 100:45:00
(A comp : B comp.)
Processing temperature    
Component B Reflect-O-Bond °C 20-40
Component A Reflect-O-Bond °C 20-40

Surface Preparation before adhesion:

Surface must be free of sand, dust, oil and debris


Hand application, using a spatula.

Gel time*(25 degrees Celsius) m 15-25 mins
Pot life (25 degrees Celsius) m 20-35 mins


*Gel time is dependent on the temperature. The higher the temperature outside, the quicker it will dry.

Colour:Epoxy Adhesive | Reflectosite

Part A: Grey 

Part B: Black


900grams of Part A to 400grams of Part B

Handling & Storage:

  • Packages must be stored at all times in sealed, closed containers.
  • The product has a shelf life of 12 months, if stored in a cool and dry place in closed and sealed containers.
  • High temperatures will affect the shelf life of the product.


Correct mixing is essential.

Interesting Fact: The arrow with the Button Road Studs on the picture has been there for 2 years despite the fact that the road is used daily by mine trucks (Fully loaded coal trucks). The Button Road Studs were stuck on the road with our Reflect-O-Site epoxy.