B10 Road Buttons

A Reflect-O-Site B10 road button is a small yellow/white unit used effectively for the delineation for streets, zebra crossings, parking lots and more.

Can be used in the place of road markings and has two main functions, namely visibility and a rumble sensation when driven over.


  • Molded from durable all – thermoplastic.
  • Asphalt or concrete surface installation.
  • Grooved bottom ensures aggressive grip to the roadway.
  • Provides visibility and audible delineation to drivers.
  • Cost effective delineation for streets, zebra crossings, parking lots and more.

Technical Properties:

  • Diameter of unit: 9.8-10.3cm.
  • Dome Peak Height: 1.65-2cm.
  • Shoulder (squared or rounded): 20-55mm.
  • Material: The marker shall be comprised of materials with adequate chemical, water and UV resistance for the intended use.
  • The white and yellow color of the button shall conform to the respective x and Y color coordinate requirements of ASTM 6628, when tested according to the test method. The minimum reflectance (Y value) of the white button shall be 80.


Surface Preparation before adhesion or application:

Clean area of application of all sand, dust, oil and debris.

Application process:

These smooth rounded B10 buttons can be installed with Reflect-O-Site epoxy adhesive.


White or yellow.




Protection/Maintenance upon completion:

Replace if broken

100 per box