Plastic & Rubber Bases

Reflectosite moulded bases provide a stable platform for the delineator markers used in work zones, parking lots, storage areas, crowd control and many other uses.


To stabilise delineators


  • Reflectosite offers a range of different Plastic and Rubber Bases for all size delineator blades.
  • Bases ensure delineator blades are stable.


Reflect-O-Site offers the following range of bases:

Plastic Bases:

  • We provide 600g light-weight plastic duty base with a pin that locks the delineator blade in place.
  • Easy to use for all size delineator blades.
  • Cheaper alternative and requires a sandbag for stabilisation.

Square rubber bases:

  • Our Rubber Bases are of the highest quality. More robust, heavy duty application and is more resilient.
  • Our square bases come in a range of different weights: 2.5kg, 4.5kg and 10kg.
  • 5kg is manufactured from recycled PVC, but requires a sandbag.
  • 5kg is middle of the range heavy duty base, and does not require a sandbag.
  • 10kg is the ultimate heavy duty long lasting base – suitable for freeway use.


All our bases are black


  • 2.5kg – bundle of 10.
  • 4.5kg – pallet of 100.
  • 10kg – pallet of 100.



Reflectosite-square rubber base

Reflectosite-4.5kg rubber base