Reflect-O-Site Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the shelf life of your epoxy?

12 Months



 Can your epoxy be used on any surface?

No.  This product can be used on concrete as well as asphalt (tarred roads)



 What are the various types of road studs I can use?

  • Temporary Road studs
  • Stimsonite C80
  • Aluminum Road stud
  • Metal Galvinised Road stud
  • Armolite 360 Glass Road stud



 Is there a minimum quantity of road studs I need to purchase from Reflectosite?

  • Depending on what road stud you need.
  • Temporary Studs: 500 (minimum)
  • Stimsonite C80 Studs: 100 (minimum)
  • Aluminum & Metal Galvanized Studs: 50 (minimum)
  • Armolite 360 Glass Road Studs: 20 (minimum)



 Can I recycle old delineators?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. 



 What kind of warranties do you provide on all your products?

None.  If there is a problem with the product, we will replace it for you.



 How does the plastic paint work and what are the benefits of this product?

Reflect-O-Line Road Paint is an extremely hard wearing cold plastic paint that is ideal for high traffic areas such as transverse bar markings, box junctions and mini roundabouts.


  • It is fast curing, highly durable. It also offers a high skid resistance. Its available in a full range of colors with White, Yellow, Red and Black being offered EX stock with other colors to order.
  • Suitable for use in areas with high traffic wear – mini roundabouts; box junctions; give way lines; transverse bar markings and heavily trafficked roads.
  • Fast curing and highly durable - Suitable for use on asphalt or concrete - High skid resistance - Reflective and non reflective available


0.8mm thick at SG 1.6 - 1mmthick at SG 1.6-1.8 - Very Competitively priced to include curing agent. 



 How many studs does one need for 1 kit of epoxy?

On 1L of epoxy (1.4 kg) you will need 10 roadstuds.

 What is the minimum quantity of safety equipment I have to purchase?

This all depends on the product you are purchasing. We have a range of products available in terms of safety equipment.



 What is your turn around time for the various products?

Same day/ 1-2days depending on the product ordered.



 Can you deliver across the country, or only in Gauteng?

Yes we deliver Nationwide.



 Why do you need to use glass beads with the plastic paint?

The glass beads gives more visibility at night time (reflectivity) as well as skid resistance.



 I want solar road studs for my drive way. Would you be able to assist?

Yes, we can definitely assist with residential projects such as drive ways as well.



 Do you use recycled materials in the manufacturing of your products?

Yes we do.



 What are the different sizes delineators I can purchase from you?

  • 800x200
  • 1000x200
  • 1000x250
  • 1200x200
  • 1200x250

All sizes come in either Single Sided or Double sided:

Single sided – when only one side of the blade is stuck with an arrow: →

Double sided (point to point) when both sides of the blade is stuck with arrows and both side’s arrows point to the same direction: → →

Double sided (Opposite Point) when both sides of the blade is stuck with arrows and each arrow points in the opposite direction: → ←



 Is there a specific time or temperature in the day it is better to apply the epoxy?

Yes, the ideal temperature is  between 15 Degrees Celsius  and 25 Degrees Celsius.


 What happens if a car hits one of your delineators?

The delineator will break on impact yet should break into big enough pieces not to be a hazard to any vehicle.